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Access door kits respond to the “Door-in-a- box” philosophy i.e. they are supplied separately and can be fitted on any Access frame in any position.

Should it be necessary to increase the number of doors in the guard fencing system, all you need to do is to order the required kit choosing among the standard types ready for delivery.

Upon request, door kits can be supplied along with a number of locks either from Access’s catalogue or by other manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements.

In order to meet any specific need, Access stocks a wide range of customised and universal brackets designed to house the most popular international safety switches.

Door kits are ready for delivery in dedicated boxes and come with picture assembly instructions. Access offers a wide range of kits to transform standard panels into practically any type of door according to specific needs:

• Single leaf doors
• Double leaf doors
• Single sliding doors with upper rail
• Single sliding doors with lower rail
• Double sliding doors with upper rail
• Double sliding doors with lower rail
• Single sliding doors on bearing rollers
• Double sliding doors on bearing rollers
• Single Bi-Fold doors
• Double Bi-Fold doors

Machine door kits



Profensa can adapt all door components, both for manual and automatic doors, in order to meet customer requirements in terms of:

- H (height) x W(width)
- allowed door opening space
- maximum push load on movement
- machinery production cycle time
- min/max opening speed
- Safety requirements for any specific working area

Profensacan design and produce automatic doors for special industrial applications where maximum safety needs to be guaranteed by segregating intervention areas when the machine is running or simply by managing opening and closing of mobile guard panels during product loading or unloading operations.

Our doors can be designed and controlled by means of a pneumatic cylinder, electric motor with chain or belt transmission, or in-line unit and are fitted with the safety devices required and prescribed for mobile protections conformant with standard type B 13857 (formerly UNI EN 953).

Doors are equipped with control cabinets and can be fitted with the following optional devices: safety units, inverters for electric motor management, or radio frequency sytems which interface with the plant PLC.

All doors are supplied as semi-machines and come with a CE certification or a declaration of integration to the plant, assembly manuals, technical data sheet with list of components and technical booklet.