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MODULA frameless Guard Fencing

Access Modula range is developed with three main criteria: resistance, lightness and adaptability, are distinguished from the other lines by the absence of a frame supporting the panel.

The Frameless Line is designed with panels 4mm wire and 44X44 mesh and has got an extra longitudinal stiffening in order to guarantee a better panel stability and hardness, in compliance with the machinery directive except for the anti-climb point.

The innovative Modula series machine safety guards feature a fastening system specifically designed to guaranteed a speed assembly. Called Piastrina Modula this fixing system allows the panel adjustment up to 23 mm.

The frameless guards guarantee a high and constant quality and protection of the machinery with a low price.


Choice of :

  • Dimensions 60x60mm
  • With permanently welded base
  • With heigt-adjustable base